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Superlite MDF

GoldenEdge Superlite MDF is one third lighter than traditional MDF but maintains excellent strength, stability and surface smoothness. Our Superlite is a consistent light colour ideal for laminating white or pale colour papers and foils. With a lighter weight it is easy to maneuver making it perfect for DIY applications.


  • Density 490 kglm3    31 lb/ft3

  • Thickness Tolerance  +/-  0.15mm   +/- 1 - 0.006”

  • Length & Width Tolerance  +/- 1.6mm  +/- 1 – 0.063”


  • 49” x 97”, 49” x 121”


Can be worked easily with standard woodworking machinery. The homogenous nature ensures that a good finish can be achieved on the edges.


Because of its light colour and constant tone it is an ideal substrate for laminating with natural wood veneers, vinyls, printed papers, foils, and melamine papers (cold lamination recommended).


For best results, application of 3 coats is recommended. First coat of primer/undercoat is critical to the final finish.

Screw Holding:

Provides good screw holding strength in the faces and edges. Best results are obtained with parallel threaded screws or particleboard screws.