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(Superlite & Standard Density)

GoldenEdge Superlite is 1/3 lighter in weight than regular MDF but maintains the excellent strength quality, surface smoothness and stability. The surface can be painted to achieve a high-quality finish and provides a uniform substrate for overlaying.

Our medium density standard fibreboard (MDF) panels are quality manufactured for a variety of uses. The purity and long fibres associated with this material allow for deep, detailed profiling and smooth machining for easier and better finishing. The light colour of our MDF reduces colour show-through when painting.

Uses: furniture, kitchen cabinets, moulding, millwork, laminate flooring

Features that are designed to perform:

  • Superlite MDF

  • GoldenEdge Superlite has a light colour and 1/3 lighter in weight than regular MDF

  • Golden Edge is CARB2, FSC

  • Most suitable for any light, white or pale colour papers or foil for laminating.

  • Reduction in density ensures that machine tools will last longer

  • Standard MDF

  • Medium Standard MDF composed of 100% western white softwoods with consistent light sandy color


Species (Face & Back Veneers):

  • SuperLite – Radiata Pine

  • Standard - Ranger / WestPine - 100% western white softwoods

Glue Types:

  • CARB 2 

  • NAF (Standard)


  • 4’ x 8’

  • 4’ x 10’

  • ( Oversize and custom orders available upon request )