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  Bending Board

Bending Board

Bending Board Plywood

Consistent quality and bending characteristics for architectural design and millwork, furniture and lamination. Short and long grain panels for curved millwork applications, bending in the 4’ and 8’ directions. 

Uses: Interior design and specialty millwork and general applications

Features that are designed to perform:

  • Panel is sanded for easy lamination of decorative veneers.

  • Tight bending radius which makes it great for curved millwork/applications and columns

  • Available in CARB2/EPA TSCA V1 interior glue


Species (Face & Back Veneers):

  • Virola

  • Meranti/Falcatta

Glue Types:

  • MR, E2 and CARB certified


  • 4’ x 8’ long grain; 8’ x 4’ short grain

  • Thicknesses from 2.7mm to 9mm

  • ( Oversize and custom orders available upon request )