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A tropical hardwood plywood that has excellent core construction, consistent thickness and one piece face and back veneers. This panel is ideal for lamination and the uniform color, grain and stability. Excellent for millwork/general use and cabinetry. It is offered in two types of glue lines (Type II – Interior and Type I WBP Phenolic glue) - both with insecticide additives. Our sande plywood comes from 95% sustainably managed, renewable forests.

Uses: Cabinetry, millwork, lamination, general use

Features that are designed to perform:

  • Consistent thickness, uniform color and grain, excellent core construction 

  • Offered in lumber core, light weight veneer core and HPL laminated 1 or 2 sides

  • Excellent core construction with highly consistent tolerances



  • Mixed tropical hardwood

Face & Back Veneers:

  • One piece face and back


  • B/B grade (IWPA standard) other grades available

Glue Types:

  • Type I Phenolic WBP Glue and Type II Interior

  • CARB2 EPA certified

*both glues have insecticide properties added.


  • 4’ x 8’

  • ( Oversized and custom orders available upon request )